KULOB, December 14, Asia -Plus The problem of “dedovshchina” (bullying), the often brutal hazing of new recruits by older soldiers, still evokes concern.  A military court in Kulob has sentenced two border guards to long terms in jail after convicting them of killing new recruit.  

Deputy Kulob military prosecutor, Khairullo Mahmadulloyev, has told journalists in Kulob that On June 15, two servicemen of the Tajik Border Protection Committee’s (BPC) unit 2931 stationed in Shuroobod District (Khatlon), Khurshed Usmonov and Ruziboy Taghoyev, beat to death new recruit Uktam Tangalayev and hid his dead body in the shed.  A military court sentenced Usmonov and Taghoyev to seven and eight years’ imprisonment respectively.  

The prosecutor has stressed that it was not the only case when brutal hazing of new recruits by older soldiers leads to death of new recruits.  On June 23, serviceman of the BPC unit 2123 stationed in Hamadoni District, Hasan Zokirov, could not stand brutal hazing by older soldiers no longer and committed suicide, according to Kulob the military prosecutor’s office.