KULOB, January 11, Asia-Plus - Officers of the criminal investigation section within the Kulob police directorate have detected three killings that were committed in the city more than 12 years ago, Asia-Plus has learned at the Kulob police directorate. 

The source has told Asia-Plus that the Kulob police managed to detect murder of the Sangov brothers, Talab and Umar, in 1992.  They were militants of the pro-government Popular Front.  Besides, the Kulob police directorate has also detected killings of two residents of Kulob, Abdullo Kamolov and Sadriddin Qutbiddinov, who were also killed in 1992.  However, the source refrained from giving names of the murderers.  

“The Kulob police directorate has to detect 28 killings committed in the previous years,” the Asia-Plus interlocutor said.