DUSHANBE, January 12, Asia-Plus - The trail Ghaffor Mirzoyev, the former head of the Drug Control Agency (DCA) and former commander of the National (formerly Presidential) Guards, was adjourned on January 11 until January 16, Asia-Plus has learned at press service of Tajikistan’s Supreme Court. 

As it had been reported earlier, the trial of Ghaffor Mirzoyev began at pretrial detention facility of the Security Ministry on January 11.  Together with Ghaffor Mirzoyev, 15 other people are also in the dock.  Ghaffor Mirzoyev has closed trial because the investigation of his case involves matters considered state secrets.  Therefore the trial is being held at pretrial detention facility.       

Ghaffor Mirzoyev is charged with violating 34 articles of the Tajik Criminal Code, including attempting a coup d’etat, murder, weapons-possession and numerous acts of corruption.  

Ghaffor Mirzoyev familiarized himself with the case materials and now denies all of the charges he faces.  Mirzoyev’s defense lawyer Qayum Yusufov said that his client had previously admitted partial quilt on corruption charges only because he had not had an opportunity to review his case.  Ghaffor Mirzoyev was arrested on August 6, 2004.