DUSHANBE , January 16, Asia-Plus - 1254 inspections conducted by Tajikistan ’s State Finance Control Committee last year revealed numerous infringements that caused a total damage of 62.1 million Somonis to the country’s economy, Matlubkhon Davlatov, head of the Tajik State Finance Control Committee, announced at briefing in Dushanbe on January 16.  

            According to him, a damage caused by illegal use of state funds amounted to 41 million Somonis.  A total amount of shortages and embezzlement of commodity-financial values amounted to 11.3 million Somonis, and damage caused to the national budget by unauthorized lease and sale of state-owned properties amounted to 9.8 million Somonis, Mr. Davlatov said.  “Of the officially reported damage, 7.3 million Somonis have so far been refunded,” head of the State Finance control Committee said.

            “In 2005, the Committee brought 289 cases into the investigation agencies,” said Matlubkhon Davlatov, “Of them, 249 cases moved to the Prosecutor-General’s Office, 13 – to the Interior Ministry, and 24 – to the Ministry of Security”.  “According to experts estimates, a total amount of damage caused by these 289 cases was 52.8 million Somonis,” Davaltov noted.