DUSHANBE , January 18, Asia-Plus - Last year, sub-divisions of the Ministry of State Revenues and Tax Collections (MSRTC) transferred to the country’s national budget 1.81 billion Somonis, which is 226.3 million Somonis more compared to 2004, Hokimsho Tilloyev, an official with the ministry, announced at a news conference in Dushanbe on January 18.  

“In 2005, Tajikistan ’s tax services collected 583.6 million Somonis,” said Tilloyev, “Compared to the target the index of the volume of the collected taxes amounted to 106.2 percent.”  “Customs services of the country transferred to the national budget 497.4 million Somonis, which is 2.1 percent more compared to the last year’s target,” Mr. Tilloyev said.   

Ibrohim Mirzoyev, head of the MSRTC customs department, told journalists that last year, more than 2 tons of oil products were imported to the republic illegally.  “Last year alone, six cases of smuggling fuel into the country were reported,” Mirzoyev said, noting that many fuel sellers pandered to illegal import of gasoline.

“By this was they try to evade paying state duty, excise-duty, and other taxes,” said Ibrohim Mirzoyev, “If to add up all duties and taxes entrepreneur engaged in fuel supply should pay it will be on average US$65-US$70 per ton of imported oil product.”

            Hokimsho Tilloyev speaking to journalists noted that during last year, customs officers confiscated 13,096 liters of ethyl alcohol, more than 9,578 liters of vodka and 15,046 liters of other alcohol drinks for a total amount of 102,664 Somonis that were imported to the republic illegally. According to him, illegal vodka most is imported from the Russian Federation .   “Since 1998, when 22 train cars loaded with illegal ethyl alcohol were arrested in Uzbekistan , the rail communication between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan has been closed,” Mr. Tilloyev said.  

To date, more than ten plants producing alcohol have operated in Tajikistan , which is also exported abroad.