DUSHANBE, November 1, Asia-Plus  -- Officers form the Sughd police directorate have solved murder of two underage girls that was committed in Sughd’ Bobojonghafurov district on October 11, Asia-Plus has learned at the Ministry of Interior (MoI).

The source at a MoI said that two residents of the Khatlon province – the 27-year-old Saynuriddin Oyahmadov and his concubine, the 31-year-old Manzoura Abduqodirova – had been arrested on suspicion of having killed the girls.   

Oyahmadov and Abduqodirova confessed to the crime, the source said.  

As it had been reported earlier (the October 12 “Asia-Plus Blitz” item titled “Robber kills two underage girls in northern Tajikistan"),  a robber broke into the residence of Mahkamov in the Kistakuz settlement in the Bobojonghafurov district on October 11.  The burglar killed two underage sisters, the 16-year-old Homida and the 12-year-old Zuhro, who were at home, and seized $100 and jewelries.