An 18-year-old resident of Vose, Mehrojiddin Saidjaffar, has got a lengthy jail term for stabbing to death his peer in Dushanbe.

A court in Dushanbe sentenced Mehrojiddin Saidjaffar to 20 year in prison on July 6.  He will serve his jail term in a high-security penal colony, according to the press center of the Dushanbe city court.   

The incident reportedly took place in the evening of May 6.  Being in a state of drunkenness, Mehrojiddin Saidjaffar, attacked the 18-year-old resident of Dushanbe Doustmurod Murodov for no apparent reasons and inflicted several stab wounds on him.  Doustmurod Murodov died on the spot.