The fate of the construction company Komil-2010, which owned by the son of Beg Zuhurov, the head of the communications service agency, is expected to be exuded before the end of this year. 

The head of the Committee for Architecture and Construction under the Government of Tajikistan, Jamshed Ahmadzoda, remarked this at a news conference in Dushanbe on July 17.  

“The work is being carried out in this direction; it is not as simple as that. There will be judicial processes, but as I said we will put an end to this question before the end of this year,” Ahmadzoda.  

Ahmadzoda told reporters in January this year that the Dushanbe prosecutor’s office is investigating activities of the construction company Komil-2010 constructing apartment buildings in Dushanbe and Kulob. 

“The company is suspected of misconduct while constructing apartment buildings in Dushanbe and Kulob.  The main disadvantages are that the construction works began without going through state expertise and the company built additional floors, which were not included in the residential project.  We have applied to the Prosecutor-General’s Office on this subject and it brought the case to the Dushanbe Prosecutor’s Office.  We have warned the company managers that if the deficiencies are not eliminated as soon as possible, the company may lose its license,” Ahmadzoda told reporters in January.  

According to findings of journalistic investigation that were published last year in Farazh weekly, the construction company Komil-2010 is registered to Siyovoush Zuhurov, the son of Beg Zuhurov, who heads the Communications Service under the Government of Tajikistan.  The company was reportedly registered with the Tax Committee under the Government of Tajikistan on October 27, 2010.

The company is currently constructing 16 apartment buildings in Dushanbe’s Zarafshon mahalla and promises to complete construction of a 30-story administrative building of the Communications Service in the downtown of Dushanbe by September 9, 2021, when Tajikistan will celebrate the 30th anniversary of its independence.  

According to data from the Committee for Architecture and Construction, 2,113 organizations have licenses for construction of facilities in Tajikistan.  There are 80 international companies among them, including 32 Chinese companies, 14 Iranian companies, 10 Russian companies, 4 Turkish companies, and some others.  

Besides, 16 private persons have licenses for construction in Tajikistan.