In a reported released at a news conference in Dushanbe, the head of the Supreme Court of Tajikistan Shermuhammad Shohiyon revealed on February 8 that Tajik courts last year considered 561 corruption-related criminal proceeding.

Over the reporting period, Tajik courts considered 471 criminal proceedings related to drug trafficking.

In 2020, Tajik courts considered 609 administrative proceedings related to violation of the country’s law on regulation of national traditions, ceremonies and rituals, said the Supreme Court head. 

According to him, 600 people were fined a total of 2.6 million somonis for violation of norms of this law.

As far as the country’s law on parental responsibility for the education and upbringing of children is concerned, Shohiyon said Tajik court last year considered 15,000 cases related to violation of this law,

5,929 people were reprimanded and 7,299 people were fined a total of 1,176,100 somonis.