A prosecutor in the trial of policeman Nasim Amirzoda, who is charged with negligent homicide, asked the court on May 7 to sentence Amirzoda to a 5-year prison term, relatives of the police officer Mehronshoh Jumayev, who was killed by two assault rifle shots in the building of the police station in Khatlon’s Panj district in February this year, told Asia-Plus in an interview.   

Kholiqnazar Jumayev, the uncle of Mehronshoh Jumayev, has told Asia-Plus that they asked the judge who is presiding over the trial, to remit the case for further examination.  

According to him, Panj prosecutors have failed to conduct an objective and comprehensive investigation into the incident.

Kholiqnazar Jumayev told Asia-Plus last month that they applied to the President, Prosecutor-General and Khatlon Chief Prosecutor in early March with solicitation “to transfer the criminal case to the Khatlon regional prosecutor’s office as the Panj prosecutor’s office failed to conduct an objective and comprehensive investigation into the incident.”

Lieutenant Mehronshoh Jumayev.

“Currently, Nasim Amirzoda is found guilty of the murder of our nephew Mehronshoh, but we consider that senior representatives of the police station and persons in charge of keeping weapons in the police station should also be responsible for negligence,” Kholiqnazar Jumayev said.

“Moreover, the criminal case were instituted over negligent homicide (Article 108 (2) of Tajikistan’s Penal Code), but we consider that the criminal proceedings should have been instituted under the provision of Article 105 – murder.  The conclusions of two examinations showed that the shots were fired as a result of pressing the barrow, and this speaks of deliberate shots,” Kholiqnazar Jumayev added.  

The Panj prosecutor’s office has refrained from commenting on the incident.  

The incident took place on February 7 this year, at 4:00 am, at the moment of taking a shift of duty.  Lieutenant Mehronshoh Jumayev sustained two bullet shots and died on the spot.  The Panj prosecutor’s office instituted criminal proceedings against policeman Nasim Amirzoda, who fired two shots from the assault rifle Kalashnikov, under the provisions of Article 108 (2) of Tajikistan’s Penal Code -- negligent homicide.