A 30-year-old resident of Dushanbe Soleh Safarzoda has got 10 days in jail for mistreating his wife, according to the Dushanbe Police Department

Their neighbors have applied to police station this week.  They reportedly stated that Soleh Safarzoda often beats his wife and asked police to call him to order.  

Investigation has established that the man regularly fight with his wife, the Police Department press center says.

The latest incident reportedly took place on January 23.   Following another family quarrel, Safarzoda dragged his wife by the hair into the yard.  Neighbors witnessed a disturbance of public order, the Dushanbe Police Department press center noted. 

Administrative proceedings have been instituted against the man under the provisions of Article 460 of Tajikistan’s Administrative Code – disorderly conduct and he got 10 days in jail.