Criminal proceedings have been instituted against Mamadboqir Mamadboqirov, who is considered one of the so-called informal leaders of the Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO).  

Speaking on the regional TV station TV Badakhshon, GBAO chief prosecutor Parviz Orifzoda said yesterday that criminal proceedings were instituted against Mamadboqirov on January 31 under the provisions of four article of Tajikistan’s Penal Code: Article 328 (2) -- use of violence against a government official; Article 330 (1) -- insulting a government official; Article 147 -- violation of immunity of residence; and Article 189 – incitement of social, racial, ethnic, regional or religious enmity.

Orifzoda also called Mamadboqirov the leader of an organized crime group.

Besides, footage from the surveillance camera of unknown building was demonstrated on TV Badakhshon yesterday showing a man in a military outerwear with face covered by sweater collar entering the building and beating another man.

GBAO chief prosecutor claimed that it was the scene of beating the GBAO top educational official. 

As it had been reported earlier, Lutfullo Navrouzov, the head of the GBAO Education Directorate, speaking on TV Badakhshon, said on January 31 that Mamadboqir Mamadboqirov, being in a state of drunkenness came to the Education Directorate building on the evening of January 29 and beat him.

“He asked where I am from.  I said that I am Tajik, native of GBAO’s Vanj district.  Hearing this, he swore at me, beat me and told me to get out of Khorog,” Navrouzov said.

Meanwhile, Mamadboqir Mamadboqirov told Asia-Plus in a short interview by phone that it is not true. 

“Only when he was appointed chairman of the education directorate and in one of his speeches called us terrorists, I met with him and said that he should not interfere in these matters and I have not seen him after that,” Mamadboqir said.

“I swear to God I didn't hit him.  I swear to God it is a lie, it is a slander,” said he.  “Now everything is put on me.  Invent all sorts of things, slander me.  He is Vanji and Vanjis are our brothers, my hands will never be raised against Vanjis.” 

It is to be noted that after the four-day demonstrations in GBAO’s capital of Khorog that killed three people and injured at least 17 others, local officials have spoken on the regional TV station accusing protesters of violence and claiming that the rallies were organized by leaders of organizes criminal groups.  The officials have also said that criminals are maltreating the residents of Khorog and people from other districts of the region.

The protests in Khorog broke out on November 25 after security forces killed a local man wanted on charges of kidnapping.  The rally participants demanded a probe into his death.