During the police operation, dubbed “Knife”, conducted by police in Dushanbe on June 30, knives and electric shockers were confiscated from three young men and two teens.

According to data from the Dushanbe Police Directorate, 16 knives and one electric shocker were confiscated from the 24-year-old Amir Muzafarov, running shop at Dushanbe’s Varzob bazaar, and seven knives and three electric shockers were confiscated from the 30-year-old Alisher Alimbayev, who runs shop at Dushanbe’s Ganjina bazaar.

Reports have been filed against the merchants and sent for further consideration to a court, the Dushanbe Police Directorate says.  

Besides, the 29-year-old Nemat Qayumov, who had previously been convicted of theft (Article 244 of Tajikistan’s Penal Code), was detained during the operation for illegal carrying of edged weapons.  A knife was confiscated from him.  

As it had been reported earlier, 36 people, including 17 minors, were detained during Operation “Knife” in Dushanbe from September 21 to September 26 for illegally carrying edged weapons.  A total of 26 knives, 6 brass knuckles and 4 clubs were confiscated from them.

Six of the detainees were sentenced by the court from 7 to 10 days of administrative arrest, while parents of the minors were fined 180 somonis each.

Operation "Knife" has been carried out since 2019 to identify and remove from the population, especially from young people, cold weapons: knives, brass knuckles, stun guns, bits, etc.