Two Tajik brothers have been jailed for beating policemen in a subway station in Moscow.

Moscow’s Simonov district court has sentenced Saidakram Hamroyev, 21, and his younger brother Umar Rasouljonzoda, 18, to 3½ and 2½ years in prison, respectively.

The Moscow chief-prosecutor’s office says the sentence has followed their conviction on the charge of use of violence against a public agent (Article 318 (1) of Russia’s Penal Code).  The will serve their terms in a penal colony of general regime.

According to the court’s materials, the incident took place in Tulskaya subway station on the evening of February 17 this year.

“To the legitimate demand of policemen to proceed to the police room for identification, Hamroyev and Rasouljonzoda answered with a categorical refusal answered with a categorical refusal, then Hamroyev began to push and wave his arms at the policemen and also struck one of them with a fist on the torso.  Rasouljonzoda deliberately kicked one policeman in the torso and inflicted several blows with his hand on the head of another policeman,” the court’s materials say.