A Tajik national has been detained at an airport of the Russian city of Surgut with a large amount of undeclared cash.

The Tumen Customs Service said on August 10 that inspection of passengers on the Surgut-Tashkent flight has found undeclared 1,602,000 Russian rubles in his hand luggage.   The amount that was the subject of the offense and exceeding an equivalent value of US$10,000 amounted to 999,629 rubles.  

Administrative proceedings have been instituted against the detainees under the provisions of Article 16 (4) of Russia’s Administrative Code.  

You may leave Russia with an amount exceeding the equivalent value of US$10,000 by submitting a customs declaration form.  Attempts to depart Russia with more money than allowed under customs regulations may cause possible detention, arrest, fines and confiscation of currency.