Trial of Parvis Saidrahmonov Parviz Saidrahmonov, who is also known as Abu Daoud, has begun in Dushanbe/

Parvis Saidrahmonov was one of the first Central Asians to join the IS terror group in 2014 and undertake its online propaganda work as a zealous recruiter

Radio Liberty’s Tajik Service, known locally as Radio Ozodi, citing representatives of Tajikistan’s power-wielding structures, reported on November 24 that Saidrahmonov was extradited from Turkiye to Tajikistan a month ago and the Dushanbe city court is considering criminal proceedings instituted against him. 

This notorious IS terror group recruiter has been linked to terrorist attacks in Sweden, Russia, and Tajikistan.

A source within the Dushanbe city court told Radio Ozodi on November 24 that the 35-year-old Parviz Saidrahmonov “is accused of terrorism, murders, hostage taking, recruitment, participation in hostilities in the territory of a foreign state and creation of terrorist organizations.    запросу России его

Interpol was reportedly searching for him at the request of the Russian Federation.  

Radio Ozodi reported in June 2020 that Saidrahmonov appeared in a November 2019 Turkish television report about IS fighters arrested in Afrin in northern Syria.  Saidrahmonov reportedly did not tell reporters his real name. But he said unambiguously that he “had come to Syria to fight.”

Radio Ozodi says the Tajik authorities received the “go-ahead” of Turkiye for extradition of Saidrahmonov to Tajikistan in July this year.  

A source within the law enforcement authorities of Tajikistan told Radio Ozodi that before that, representatives of law enforcement agencies of Tajikistan at least three times negotiated with the authorities of Turkiye, but requests for the extradition of the militant remained unanswered. 

Extradition of Saidrahmonov reportedly became possible after a visit of Tajik Interior Minister Ramazon Rahimzoda to Turkiye in July this year.  It is unknown under what conditions Ankara agreed to extradite Abu Daoud.