Head of the education department in Roudaki district, Iqbol Nematullo, 32, has been detained on suspicion of extorting money from principals of a number of local schools.

TV report “Tojikiston” shown by national TV channels on the evening of March 6 says that Iqbol Nematullo, who had served as head of the education department for only four months committed a number of corruption-related crimes. 

He was reportedly detained by officers from the State Committee for National Security (SCNS)’s office in Roudaki district on suspicion of extorting money from school principals.

Thirty-six local school principals were reportedly affected by Nematullo’s actions.   He extorted money from school principals during their attestation, scaring them that they will fail the assessment.  

Nematullo received a total of 65,700 somonis in bribes from them.  He is also charged with selling school principal positions, valuing his "services" at 10,000 somonis.     

Criminal proceedings have been instituted against Iqbol Nematullo under the provisions of Article 314 (2) of Tajikistan’s Penal Code – abuse of power.  If convicted, he could face a fine in the amount equal to between 314 and 1092 calculating indicators or up to six years in prison.