Tajik Prosecutor-General Yusuf Rahmon is concerned over the rise of terrorist and extremist crimes in Sughd province and increase in the number of young people joining extremist parties and movements.   

He reportedly stated this at a meeting of the working group of Tajik Government that took place in the northern city of Konibodom last month.

Speaking at the meeting, Tajik chief prosecutor noted that the number of terrorist and extremist crimes in Sughd increased by 17.5 percent.  

Most of these cases have been registered in the cities of Isfara and Konibodom,” Rahmon said, noting that six residents of Isfara and two residents of Konibodom are currently getting illegal religious education abroad. 

According to the official website of the Prosecutor-General’s Office of Tajikistan, issues related to the spring conscription campaign and military-and-patriotic education were also in the focus.    

Rahmon, in particular, noted that criminal proceedings had been instituted against six residents of Konibodom and seven residents of Isfara for the refusal to perform military service.    

Tajik chief prosecutor emphasized that in accordance of government’s guidance, officials must be leaders and role models in mobilizing their children for military service.    

According to data from the Prosecutor-General’s Office, 17 officials from Konibodom and 6 officials from Isfara have sent their children to military service.  

The two-month-long effort seeking to enlist young men aged 18-27 for the one- or two-year compulsory military service takes place twice a year, in the spring and in the autumn.  In the spring, the conscription campaign stats on April 1 and runs through May.