A 17-year-old teen has killed his sister’s husband after the latter has killed his sister.    

The Interior Ministry’s TV program “Payki Sughd” reported on April 19 the prosecutor’s office in Baljuvon district of Khatlon province has instituted criminal proceedings against the 17-year0old teenager from Saif Rahimzod jamoat, who is suspected of killing the ex-husband of his sister.

The tragedy reportedly took place on April 6.  A 39-year-old resident of Khatlon’s Vose district Abdufaiz Khojayev arrived in the parental home of his wife, with whom he had previously separated, for the purpose of reconciliation.  But the woman refused to put up and the man inflicted several stab wounds on her following quarrel.

Seeing the bloodied body of his sister, the teen inflicted several stab wounds on her husband and fled after that.

The man and the woman reportedly died from stab wounds on the way to a hospital. 

Criminal proceedings have been instituted against the teen under the provisions of Article 104 (1) of Tajikistan’s Penal Code – murder; an investigation is under way.  If convicted, the teen could face eight to fifteen years in prison.