Chief prosecutor Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) member states met in the Chinese city of Xi’an on November 8.  The meeting resulted in signing of a memorandum confirming a mutual desire to expand cooperation and information sharing.

LaiTimes says the meeting was attended by more than 90 delegations from the nine SCO member states, two observer states and the SCO Secretariat.

The official website of the Tajik Prosecutor-General’s Office says prosecutor generals from all Central Asian countries, except Turkmenistan, attended the gathering, along with representatives from China, Russia, Belarus, India, Iran, Pakistan and Mongolia as well as representatives of the SCO Secretariat and the SCO Antiterrorist Structure.    

The meeting participants reportedly made serious preparations, fully exchanged views and communicated frankly, focused on the theme of "the role of procuratorial organs in serving the modernization of the country", based on the actual situation of their own procuratorial work, and put forward many forward-looking and constructive thoughts and suggestions, which provided useful reference for the procuratorial organs of various countries to play the role of procuratorial functions and better serve the modernization of their countries.

The parties also decided to take adequate measures to ensure protection of rights and economic interests of foreign citizens and companies in the territories of their countries, expand cooperation between the SCO prosecutor-general’s offices in combating transnational crime, oversee the creation of favorable conditions for doing business, using for this a;; forms of cooperation, including interaction between prosecutor’s office in border area, according to the press center of the Tajik Prosecutor-General’s Office.  

Twenty-one  meetings of the Attorneys General of the SCO member states have been successfully held since 202. 

According to LaiTimes, the host, Chinese Prosecutor General Ying Yong, held a series of one-on-one meetings with his Central Asian counterparts on the sidelines of the gathering.  

Established in 2001 by Beijing and Moscow, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization now includes India, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.