4,378 Tajik citizens are now banned from traveling abroad due to unpaid debts, Ms. Barno Saidvalizoda, the chairperson of the Bailiff Service under the Government of Tajikistan, told reporters in Dushanbe on February 9.

According to her, 1,627 people were included on this “black list” last year.

Ms. Barno Saidvalizoda

“In 2023, 1,809 people could not leave the country until they paid the debts totaling 17.9 million somonis, which is 11.7 million somonis more than in 2022,” Ms. Saidvalizoda noted. 

Tajikistan’s law forbids those owing more than 720.00 somonis (US$65.75) from leaving the country until their debts are settled.  

It is to be noted that alimony dodgers and those whose debts exceed an amount equal to ten calculating indicators (estimates) are prevented from leaving the country.  A current calculating indicator is equal to 72.00 somonis.