The Poland border service says two national of Tajikistan have been detained in Poland over the past week on suspicion of stealing two cars with a total cost of US$384,000 in the territory of Germany.

Range Rover Sport (2024 model year) costing about US$172,000 driven by the 23-year-old citizen of Tajikistan was reportedly detained by officers of the Bug department of the Poland border service in Terespol last weekend.  

“It turned out that the almost new car was reported by German authorities as stolen.  Criminal proceedings have been instituted, the driver and the car were handed over to the Terespol police,” says a statement released by the Poland border service.   

The Poland border service also says officers of the Poland border service’s Nadbuzanka department last week detained BMW XM driven by the 33-year-old citizens of Tajikistan. 

It turned out that this car costing about US$212,000 had also been stolen in Germany.  Criminal proceedings have been instituted against the driver and an investigation is under way. 

Other details of the detainees are not reported.