The CEC says he did not submit the necessary documents on time to the official registration.

Faromuz Irgashov, who nominated himself for the post of President of Tajikistan, was not registered with the CEC. He did not timely submit the necessary documents to the Central Election Commission of the country for official registration as a presidential candidate.

According to the norms of the legislation of Tajikistan, 30 days before the presidential elections, the acceptance of documents for registration of candidates for the head of state stops. In the current electoral process, this deadline ended at midnight on September 10.

According to the legislation of Tajikistan, presidential candidates for registration with the CEC of the country had to collect signatures in their support of at least 5 percent of the electorate. In the current elections, five percent of the signatures of the electorate is 245,100. The CEC suggested that the young lawyer could not enlist the support of so many voters. Earlier, a 30-year-old lawyer from the city of Khorog said he was running for the presidential elections in Tajikistan. Faromuz Irgashov announced his decision in a video posted on September 2 on Facebook and Youtube.