Metropolitan administration denied information that the mayor suffered from rectal cancer.

Rustam Emomali has never traveled to Israel for treatment or other purpose, and he has never had rectal cancer, the mayor's office of Dushanbe said, thereby refuting information that appeared in some media.

The text of the refutation was published on the official website of the mayor's office.

The statement notes that the dissemination of "such false information about the leadership of the Republic of Tajikistan on the eve of the presidential elections is one of the dirty tricks of our country's enemies".

«This deliberate provocation is aimed at destabilizing the socio-political situation in Tajikistan. We declare with full responsibility that the information about the possible illness of Rustam Emomali and his treatment in the State of Israel does not correspond to reality», - said in a statement.

It is emphasized that Rustam Emomali is an official of the Republic of Tajikistan and therefore his trips, especially foreign ones, are always in the center of attention of domestic and foreign media.

"If Rustam Emomali really visited Israel in 2019, then this information would still appear in the global information space. We officially declare that Rustam Emomali never went to Israel for medical treatment or for any other purpose", - said in a statement.

 At the same time, it was noted that Rustam Emomali is absolutely healthy.

 " The head of Dushanbe Rustam Emomali is completely healthy and full of energy, which he directs to the development of Dushanbe and the country as a whole. His youth, optimism and health allow him to take on additional responsibilities, and today he is also the chairman of the Majlisi milli Majlisi Oli of the republic», - said in a statement.

The Mayor's Office urges citizens "not to lose political vigilance and not succumb to provocations of the enemies of the Motherland".

Earlier, a number of media outlets, referring to the head of one of the well-known Israeli medical institutions "Herzliya Medical Center" Dani Engel, reported that in 2019 they had Rustami Emomali hospitalized.

«Since the beginning of 2020, officials from various countries have visited our center. РRustam Emomali, head of the National Assembly of Tajikistan, who was diagnosed with rectal cancer, was admitted to our hospital in 2019 and received treatment after surgery», - tweeted by Dani Engel on September 28.

Following this, he added that “Tajik officials thanked the Israeli Ministry of Health and the entire staff of Herzliya Medical Center.

It should be noted that the account of the head of the clinic is not verified on Twitter, he has only 39 readers and several publications.