The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has published some details of yesterday’s negotiations between the foreign ministries of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.  

Tajik MFA stressed once again that the telephone conversation had taken place at the initiative of the Kyrgyz side and the two countries’ top diplomats had discussed in detail the difficult situation that emerged in border areas of the two countries April 28-29, 2021. 

“Sirojiddin Muhriddin stressed that Tajikistan is full of determination progressively address issues related to delimitation and demarcation of border with Kyrgyzstan  through negotiations, search for mutually acceptable solutions and taking into account its national interests.

“At the same time, he stated that Tajikistan will never give up the lands that originally and rightfully belong to it,” the Tajik MFA information department said.  

During the conversation, the ministers reportedly underlined the significance of resolving all issues of the state border exclusively through negotiations and noted the inadmissibility of attempts at provocations by individual stakeholders that lead to further escalation of the situation.  

Recall, late on April 29, the two countries' foreign ministries announced they had agreed a cease-fire after hours of talks and would stick to it and pull back troops while resolving the conflict through diplomacy.