DUSHANBE, October 31, Asia-Plus - Work of authorities of the Dushanbe district of Shohmansour on preparations for the winter season has been found “unsatisfactory.”  

Dushanbe Mayor Mahmadsaid Ubaidulloyev presided over a meeting at the building of the Shohmansour district’s hukumat today morning to discuss preparations for the autumn and winter period of 2006-2007.  

Senior representatives fro the district leadership, heads of the municipal energy and passenger transport services, as well as markets and other organizations located in the Shohmansour district reported on preparations to ensure the regular work of their facilities during the winter period. 

A commission for preparations for winter at the Dushanbe legislature (Majlis) for inefficient activity also reported the results of work on inspecting the preparation activities. 

The mayor sharply criticized the municipal structures, electricity and head supplying facilities for failing to take efficient measure to ensure the regular work of heating systems at schools in the district in the winter period.  Ubaidulloyev ordered the Dushanbe prosecutor’s office to inspect activity of the municipal heat-supply system.    

The mayor also criticized the Tajik Railways’ administration for failing to implement decisions made at the seventh session of the Dushanbe legislature on September 25.  The session made a decision to stockpile 400 tons of coal as alternate fuel for orphanages and preschool institutions in all four districts of Dushanbe, and Tajik Railways was expected to provide the Shohmansour district with 100 tons of coal.  The session set November 1 as a deadline for preparation of the municipal services to work in the winter period.      

During the meeting it was noted that a total electricity debt of the public in the Shohmansour district has amounted to 1.216 million somonis as of October 1. 

The mayor also sharply criticized an unsatisfactory activity of the Shohmansour market.

Tomorrow, a similar meeting will be held in the Sino district of Dushanbe.