KHOROG, February 5, Asia-Plus - Head of the Gorno Badakhshan culture directorate has been replaced.  

A board meeting of the GABO culture directorate was held on February 2.  During the meeting it was noted that by governor’s resolution Muhiddin Payshanbiyev, formerly deputy head of the socio-cultural department of the GBAO governor’s office, was appointed to head the GBAO culture directorate.  He replaced Sohibdavlat Alinazarova in this post. 

The cause of dismissal of Alinazarova was not explained.  Deputy GBAO governor, Muhabbatsho Ruzadorov just said that she will be provided with an equivalent position.   

Asia-Plus has learned from the GABO governor’s office that a number of other staff changes are expected to take place in the local authorities within the next few days.