DUSHANBE, December 8, Asia-Plus –  On Friday December 7, Prime Minister Oqil Oqilov held a meeting with participation of representatives from national commission for taking census of population and available housing in 2010.  

           Speaking at the meeting, the prime minister noted that the upcoming events were of international importance.  He said that by recommendations of the United Nations, for the purpose of preparing new statistical data, census of population and available housing would be taken throughout the world once every decade

During the meeting it was noted that the city of Roghun had been chosen as pilot area for conducting census.  Census of available housing in Roghun will be taken before October 2008.    

          It is to be noted that census of available housing is being taken in our country for the first time, and a special attention will be paid to mapping settlements, putting in good order names of streets, etc.   .

          The State Committee for Statistics is to carry out preparatory work.