Heating season has already started in some areas of Dushanbe.  More than 87 percent of planned facilities in Dushanbe have reportedly received heat since October 28.   

This year, heating season began in some districts of Dushanbe on October 28. By Dushanbe mayor’s decree issued on May 8, 2019 1,739 residential buildings, 50 hospitals and other medical facilities, 71 schools, 64 preschool institutions, and 246 enterprises and organizations located in Dushanbe will be provided with heat during autumn-winter 2019-2020.          

In the Sino district, 1,030 facilities will be provided with heat, in the Shohmansour district – 470 facilities, I the Ismoili Somoni district – 460 facilities, and in the Firdavsi district – 2020 facilities.       

Two lines of the coal-powered Dushanbe-2 combined heat and power (CHP) plant are capable of generating 400 MW of electricity and 360 gigacalories of heat.

Since October 1 this year, residential customers have paid for heat at the rate of 1.18 somoni per one square meter of floor space per month (VAT included), while the federally funded institutions have paid at the rate of 98.67 somoni per 1 gcal (VAT not included).  Other heat consumers have paid at the rate of 113.47 somoni per 1 gcal (VAT not included) since October 1 this year.

The heating season usually starts in Dushanbe in mid-November and last until mid-March of the next year.  

In Tajikistan, only Dushanbe is provided with the centralized heating supply, and only the part of the city still has access to the heating system network.