By order issued by Chairman of the Committee for TV and Radio-broadcasting under the Government of Tajikistan Director of Tajikistan’s national broadcaster Televisioni Tojikiston has been replaced. 

Samandar Iskandarzoda, who had previously served as Senior Consultant at the Press Service of the President of Tajikistan, has been appointed to head Televisioni Tojikiston, replacing Rahmatullo Khairullozoda.

Rahmatullo Khairullozoda had headed Televisioni Tojikiston since 2020.  

Televizioni Tojikiston, formerly known as Shabakai Avval, meaning “Channel One”, is the national broadcaster of Tajikistan, headquartered in the capital city, Dushanbe.  It began broadcasting in October 1959.  The first program was aired by the station on October 3, 1959.  The first program consisted of a bilingual Tajik/Russian news bulletin followed by a movie, Light in the Mountains.  The first words were spoken by Rafuat Abdusalomov.

24-hour broadcasts commenced in 2012.  Most of the channel's schedule is made up of local content.  External content (especially foreign movies) is aired in Russian.

In June 2016, the channel's current name was adopted.

On April 1, 2022, it was announced that it would be launched in HD quality, and it broadcasts programs, including films, series, and various programs.  Broadcasting is conducted throughout the territory of Tajikistan.

The channel is owned by the Government of Tajikistan and the state institution "Televizioni Tojikiston”.