Emomali Rahmon today, on the Day of Knowledge, held the so-called Peace Lesson at the Tajik State Medical University named after Sino. The press service of the head of state published his speech, and we decided to make a selection of the main theses of the president regarding the development of the education sector in the country.

 - All resources and opportunities are directed to the development of science and education, this work will be continued in the future.

 - In the context of the rapid progress of science and technology, only those countries can develop and maintain their well-deserved status and place that have educated people, scientists, highly qualified and inventive personnel, equipment and technologies that meet the requirements of the time.

- During the 31 years of independence, 32 higher educational institutions, 41 institutions of secondary and primary vocational education and 3246 schools were established, including 156 educational institutions of a new type, that is, gymnasiums, lyceums and international schools, 300 preschool institutions.