President Emomali Rahmon has congratulated Tajikistanis on the occasion of the National Flag Day.

Posted on the Tajik president’s official website, a message of congratulations, in particular, says: “The national flag of Tajikistan, as a sacred symbol of statehood, is an expression of mentality, history and essence of the Tajik state and a clear confirmation that Tajikistanis have free and independent Motherland.” 

Tajik leader notes in his message that the people of Tajikistan, especially teenagers and youth, always show respect for the flag and consider it one of the national relics, symbol of a peaceful and prosperous life.” 

“Celebration of the National Flag Day is a reverence for outstanding merits of great sons of our people – Cyrus the Great, Ismoil Somoni, Shirak, Divashtich, Spitamenes, al-Muqanna, Timur Malik, Roudaki, Firdvasi and hundreds of thousands of other glorious men who over thousands of years of history have fought for honor and dignity of the nation, protection of the land, language, culture, customs and traditions of our ancient people so that they have reached our time,” says the message.  

The president wished every family, all residents of the country happiness and good luck, security, peace and sustainable development.  

The national flag was adopted on November 24, 1992 at the 16th historic session of the Shuroil Oli (Supreme Council) as the first state symbol of the independent Tajikistan and Tajikistan has celebrated the National Flag Day since 2009.