The Interior Ministry Organized Crime Control Directorate has called on citizens to report crimes.

The Interior Ministry press center says the Organized Crime Control Directorate calls on citizens to report crimes related to illegal religious studying, witchcraft and human trafficking.  

The Organized Crime Control Directorate is reportedly also interested in receiving information about trafficking in precious stones and metals, fake drug trade as well as crimes related to information and intellectual property.  

The Organized Crime Control Directorate intends to offer an incentive for information about crimes, according to the Interior Ministry press center.  

Police reportedly promise to keep information source’s identity confidential,

The press center notes that persons having information about the mentioned crimes can call at the fallowing telephone numbers, e-mail or social media: 227-07-07; 221-01-49; [email protected]; Viber, WhatsApp, IMO, Telegram and WeChat 93-444-00-66,