Tajikistan has put ban on import of all kinds of Chinese food products amid fears over the outbreak of coronavirus in China, Muhammadsaid Ubaidullo, the head of the Food Security Committee, told reporters in Dushanbe on January 30.  

“Even before the new coronavirus appeared in China in later 2019, the Food Security Committee did not permit entrepreneurs to deliver Chinese food products to the country, with the exception of tea and crop seeds.  And immediately after appearance of the new coronavirus in China, all products delivered to the country from the third countries have been taken under strict control.  For example, Tajik border guards have stopped an attempt of delivery of Chinese fruits to Tajikistan through Afghanistan,” Mr. Ubaidullo said.

According him, no Chinese food products have been delivered to Tajikistan after appearance of the new coronavirus in China.  

“By president’s order special commissions comprising representatives of the State Committee for National Security (SCNS), Main Border Guard Directorate and Food Security Committee now act at all border crossing points along Tajikistan’s border with other countries,” the Food Security Committee head said.