Not all Tajik students have been evacuated from Wuhan.  Three of them have refused to leave Wuhan at will and seven others were not allowed on board because of having high temperature.  

According to the Tajik MFA information department, at first, 56 Tajik students announced their return to homeland on February 10.  

“Later, three of them refused to return at will and seven others were not allowed to fly because of having high temperature, they are undergoing medical examination.  It does not mean that they have contracted coronavirus.  According to the regime introduced in Wuhan, people having high temperature are held in quarantine,” says the Tajik MFA information department.    

Recall, Tajik nationals evacuated from the Chinese city of Wuhan, which is at the center of the coronavirus crisis, landed at the Ayni airfield in the Hisor district yesterday today morning.  

46 Tajik students as well members of the plane crew and medical workers and employees of the Emergencies Committee, totaling 63 people, were taken to the Kharangon sanatorium in the Varzob district, 15 kilometers from Dushanbe, where they will be isolated for 14 days.  

Meanwhile, media reports, citing the Hubei health authority in China, say the coronavirus death toll rose to 1,113.  The number of confirmed coronavirus infections in China has reportedly hit 44,653, a rise of 2,015 from the previous day.

Financial Times says Japan confirmed another 39 infections among the passengers of the Diamond Princess cruise ship.  That takes the total number of cases on board to 174 out of 492 passengers tested.  Those infected will be moved to hospital. The Diamond Princess, which still has more than 3,500 passengers and crew on board, has been in quarantine in Yokohama since February 3.