Ringleader behind the deadly attack on foreign cyclists in the Danghara district, Hussein Abdusamadov, has reportedly died in a prison.   

“The cause of death of Abdusamadov is being investigated by prosecutors. A forensic examination was carried out and only after that his body was handed over to his relatives,” Mansourjon Umarov, the head of the Main Penitentiary Directorate of the Ministry of Justice, told Asia-Plus in an interview.  

“Abdusamadov died not because of torture,” Umarov said.

He further added that the forensic examination results would be officially published within the next few days.  

Recall, four foreign cyclists, including two Americans, one Dutchman and a Swiss citizen, were killed during a bike tour in Danghara district on July 29.  They were attacked by at least one assailant with a gun and knife after being run down by a vehicle.  Three other foreigners -- including a French citizen -- were also injured in the attack.

The incident took place at around 3:30 pm in the Sebiston jamoat, some 150 kilometers south of Dushanbe.

One of members of the group, Asliddin Yusufov, was reportedly killed in the evening of July 29 while resisting arrest.  He reportedly wounded OMON (special police unit) deputy commander. Lieutenant-Colonel Jumakhon Nazarzoda, with an axe.

Three other members of the group – Asomiddin Majidov, Zafar Safarov and Jaffriddin Yusufov – were reportedly killed on July 30 in the village of Osmondara (Danghara district) while resisting arrest.  They reportedly were armed with knives and axes. 

The attackers had shot the video showing them pledging allegiance to the Islam State (IS) terror group.  

Two residents of the city of Kulob, Dilovar Sharipov and Jamshed Nazarov, as well as resident of the Jayhun district (Khatlon province), Vaisiddin Sayfiddinov, were detained on suspicion of involvement in the attack.               

Resident of the city of Nurek, Karomatullo Ghaniyev, was arrested on suspicion of financing that criminal group. 

A court convicted 15 in cyclists' killings and the ringleader Hussein Abdusamadov got life in prison.  He was convicted of “murder with extreme violence” and other crimes.