During a joint meeting with participation of members of territorial defense zone No 1 that took place on June 20, we also discussed the latest developments in Afghanistan, because it borders our country and is our close neighbor, Mr. Yodgor Fayzov, the Governor of the Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO), told Asia-Plus in an interview.  

“Our working meeting was not specifically devoted to the issue of instability in the neighboring country.  The fact is that every three or six months we hold working meetings to discuss situation in neighboring countries,” GBAO governor noted. 

“At this meeting, we discussed how the instable situation in Afghanistan can affect can affect the lives of our people and what to do in case of a potential threat,” said Mr. Fayzov.  “Therefore, we must always be on high alert.  Although the situation on our stretch of the Tajik-Afghan border is stable and so far there is no threat.”  

“The tense situation in border areas of Afghanistan obliges us to ensure internal stability, and in the event of the possible violation of state border, to take to take appropriate reciprocal measures and defend our country,” he noted.

GBAO has a long border with the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and therefore, it is necessary to regularly strengthen activities of the territorial defense zones.    The border security has been strengthened and border guards are on high alert. 

“In case of aggravation of the situation of residents living on the other side of the border, we are ready to accept refugees.  Of course, if they need it.   That is, in any case, in difficult times you need to support your neighbor.  During the civil war in Tajikistan, these people accepted our refugees, and today we will help them.” 

“Taking into account our economic and political opportunities, we are ready to accept more than 10,000 refugees our Afghan brothers and take care of them in a safe place,” GBAO governor noted.