On Sunday May 28, President Emomali Rahmon attended an official opening of two new frontier posts along Tajikistan’s common border with Afghanistan in Shahritous district, Khatlon province.   The events were timed to coincide with Border Guards Day, a holiday that celebrates the border guard troops of Tajikistan.  This year, Tajikistan celebrated the 29th anniversary of the formation of the Border Guard Troops of Tajikistan. 

The Tajik president’s official website says that on this occasion, President Emomali Rahmon visited the Shahritous district of Khatlon province, where he put in commission the frontier posts “Aivaj” and “Mehnat” along the Tajik-Afghan border.  

The “Aivaj frontier post is reportedly equipped with all modern conditions and up-to-date observation techniques for the state border control.

After the opening of the "Aivaj" frontier post, Emomali Rahmon got acquainted with the conditions of service and living of soldiers, the control center of the state border line.  

The "Aivaj" and "Mehnat" frontier posts are fully equipped with the most modern technical means in order to protect the state border. 

The Government of Tajikistan reportedly purchased 100 different types of military equipment and presented them to the servicemen of the newly formed frontier posts “Aivaj” and "Mehnat". 

Also on this day, Rahmon attended an official opening of a two-story residential building with 12 apartments in the “Aivaj” border area and presented the apartment keys to the lucky families of the officers.

At the "Mehnat" frontier post, a residential building with four apartments has been built for the officers, and Emomali Rahmon yesterday handed over the keys to their owners.

In the “Aivaj” border unit of the Main Border Guard Directorate at the State Committee for National Security (SCNS), Rahmon reportedly for the first time virtually inspected the facilities of a number of border units and modern observation posts, which were built and equipped by the Government of Tajikistan in a very short time with high quality.

Commanders of the border units of Khorog, Shugnan, Rushan, Darvoz and Vanj in the Gorno Badakhshan Autonomous Region (GBAO), three checkpoints in shamsiddin-Shohin district and 7 border checkpoints in Panj, Farkhor, Dousti and Jaijoun districts of Khatlon province reported to the president, according to the Tajik president’s official website.

The Tajik president’s official website says that it is worth mentioning that on May 28 alone, 33 new border facilities for the service of 4,000 soldiers were commissioned across the country on the occasion of the Border Guards Day.

President Emomali Rahmon reportedly presented 166 families of border guard officers with apartments equipped with all household items.