DUSHANBE, February 24, 2010, Asia-Plus  -- Tajik authorities must take expansion of guerilla warfare in Afghanistan into serious consideration especially, as guerilla ware has expanded in Afghan provinces bordering on Tajikistan lately as well, known Tajik political scientist Rashid Ghani Abdullo said in an interview with Asia-Plus, commenting on concerns over the possibility of the spillover of violence into Tajikistan in connection with intensification of activities of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

According to him, expanding guerilla ware in Afghanistan is resistance to foreign military presence in the country and armed struggle against Afghan official authorities.  “It is the reality we cannot escape from and Tajikistan must take this reality into account,” said the expert, “The necessity of taking a number of measures to prevent the possible spillover of the violence into Tajikistan is obvious today.”

However, it would be an error to suppose that these measures should include only ensuring military and political security of the country, Rashid Ghani Abdullo noted.  “The measures must be taken in the framework of comprehensive approach that presupposes also efforts on peaceful settlement of the Afghan problem, which is becoming more and more complex from day to day,” he said.