Intranet calls are expected to rise tenfold in cost in Tajikistan.  Internet calls will probable rise in cost as well.   

By Antimonopoly Agency’s order on tariffs for telecommunications that was issued on March 4 intranet calls are expected to rise tenfold in cost in Tajikistan beginning on March 27.  

The order, in particular, provides for setting the price of one minute of intranet call for all mobile operators, with the exception of Tojiktelecom (state-run telecommunications company), at no less than 10 dirams (direct taxes not included).

The previous price for one minute of intranet call fluctuated in Tajikistan from 0.7 diram to 1.2 dirams.     

Meanwhile, the internet call in Tajikistan s expected to rise in cost as well.  According to the order, the cost of maintenance of local telecommunication networks by means of modern technologies, including NGN, for all mobile operators, with exception of Tojiktelecom, will be set at no less than 0.20 somoni per minute (direct taxes not included).  

The minimum price of one minute of internet call cost will be set at 0.25 somoni (taxes included).  

Current price for one minute of mobile call ranges from 0.20 to 0.60 somoni, depending on tariff and mobile operator.  

A source at one of local mobile operators says that mobile operators will probably raise internet call prices following this order.  

Recall, the Antimonopoly Agency announced last week that as of March 27, mobile telecommunication services providers will be able to sell online data for no less than 0.05 somoni per megabyte and the price for one minute of mobile international call, including NGN communications, will amount to no less than 1.00 somoni (taxes not included).

The March 4 order was justified by the law of supply and demand. The Antimonopoly Agency said mobile operators would now be in a position to provide better online speeds.

Current price for one gigabyte of mobile Internet is 30-35 somoni and it will rise to 62 somoni (18% VAT and 5% excise tax included) on March 27.  

Meanwhile, Tajikistan’s internet continues to get slower, ranking among the worst in the world.  Beginning from last year, all Internet traffic is required to pass through Tojiktelecom.

Internet service providers (ISPs) in Tajikistan say they now receive Internet from Tojiktelecom at the rate of 51,000 U.S. dollars per gigabit (VAT not included).  

For comparison, Tajik ISPs had earlier received Internet from Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan at the rate ranging from 10,000 to 20,000 U.S. dollars per gigabit.