The Fragile States Index (FSI) ranks Tajikistan 65th among 178 nations in terms of vulnerability to conflict or collapse.  

Meanwhile, Kazakhstan is placed 116th, Turkmenistan – 85th, Uzbekistan – 70th and Kyrgyzstan – 68th.

The Fragile States Index (FSI; formerly the Failed States Index) is an annual report published by the United States think tank the Fund for Peace and the American magazine Foreign Policy since 2005.  The list aims to assess states' vulnerability to conflict or collapse, ranking all sovereign states with membership in the United Nations where there is enough data available for analysis.

The index's ranks are based on twelve indicators of state vulnerability, grouped by category: Cohesion, Economic, Political, Social.

Twelve indicators include: security apparatus; factionalized elites; group grievance; economic decline and property; uneven economic development; human flight and brain drain; state legitimacy; public services; human rights and rule of law; demographic pressures; refugees and internally displaced persons; and external intervention.

Each indicator is scored on a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being the lowest intensity (most stable) and 10 being the highest intensity (least stable), creating a scale spanning 0−120.

Yemen, Somali and Southern Sudan are on the top of the list (the most fragile countries) and Finland ranks 178th (the least fragile sate).