Tajikistan’s mobile operators are expected to introduce new mobile Internet tariffs on April 18.  There will be no Internet packages and it will be needed to pay for entrance into the network separately.       

Mobile operators have already informed their customers about the introduction of new tariffs.  

Beginning on April 18, all mobile communications companies operating in Tajikistan will have the unified tariff scale.  

With consent of the Antimonopoly Agency, the mobile operators have divided their unified tariff scale into three type: 25-somni subscription payment; 30-somoni subscription payment; and 35-somoni subscription payment.   

You will not be able to make an outbound call or send outbound SMS/MMS without subscription. 

The following are services offered by the unified tariff scale: 


Tariff 1 – subscription to this tariffs costs 25 somoni.  This tariff offers unlimited intra-network calls, 20 minutes of calls to mobile and fixed telecommunications networks, and 20 SMS/MMS inside Tajikistan.


Tariff 2 – subscription to this tariff costs 30 somoni.  This tariff offers 200 minutes of intra-network calls, 30 minutes of calls to mobile and fixed telecommunications networks, and unlimited SMS inside Tajikistan.


Tariff 3 – subscription to this tariff costs 35 somoni.  This tariff offers 100 minutes of calls and 330 SMS/MMS inside Tajikistan.  


Tcell calls its tariffs “Salom”, Megafon Tajikistan calls its tariffs “Prosptoi” and Babilon-M calls its tariffs “Munosib”.  

Tariffing in excess of the offered call and SMS.MMS packages will be the following: intra-network calls will cost 0.1 somoni; outbound calls to other mobile operators and fixed telecommunications network in Tajikistan – 0.25 somoni; SMS/MMS inside Tajikistan – 0.1 somoni; and international SMS/MMS will cost 0.5 somoni.

The price for one minute of call to the Russian Federation will be 1.25 somoni.