Over the past half a year, Tajik authorities have blocked news and social networking media sites.  Currently, not only news and social networking media sites but also two large search engines Google and Yandex are blocked in Tajikistan. 

For the first time, Google was blocked two weeks ago and the communications service agency that time has blamed technical reasons for inaccessibility of the search engine. 

This time, they even do not comment the situation with blockage of two large search engines.

Mobile companies respond shortly, “The sites have been blocked for reasons beyond us.”  

The site of Asia-Plus news agency has remained blocked for already half a year for unknown reasons.  All mobile operators say the site has been blocked beyond them.  

The communications service agency says that the Unified Electronic Communications Switching Center did not block access to the Asia-Plus’s website.  

Access to Facebook (American online social media and social networking service company), YouTube (American video-sharing website), Odnoklassniki (OK – Russian social network service for classmates and old friends) and Instagram (a photo and video-sharing social networking service owned by Facebook, Inc) has also remained blocked since May 20.