Italian and Australian citizens thanked for this.

Italian citizen, Verni Osvaldo Somilo, born in 1959, contacted the tourist police department of the Department of Environmental Affairs of the Tajik Ministry of Internal Affairs for help by phone and said that his backpack was lost on "Khujand-Dushanbe" highway and his motorcycle was broken.

Tajik policemen repaired his motorcycle and drove him to a border checkpoint in the city of Panjakent with a company car.

Tourist police also helped Australian citizen Alfredo Stefan Richard, born in 1973, who, while riding a bicycle in the territory of Murgab district in GBAO, hit a stone and was injured.

He called the tourist police department of the Environmental Affairs Division and asked for help.

A group of tourist police officers was immediately sent to him at the scene of the incident. The first aid was given to the foreigner and he was taken from Khorog to Dushanbe in a company car.