Due to problems accessing our main domains, the previous Asia Plus email addresses have changed.


You can contact us at our new email addresses:

•             Editors - [email protected]

•             Radio - [email protected]

•             Advertising service - [email protected] 

•             Newsletter subscription - [email protected]

•             Administrative issues - [email protected]

Recall that access to the sites of the Asia Plus media group - news.tj and asiaplus.tj - due to technical problems with the domain in the TJ zone, the site remains inaccessible.

Access to domains was closed on August 19 due to a technical error on the DNS server - in the word "cloudflare", where instead of the letter "o" is entered 0 (zero). It also caused our business email addresses to stop working.

How this happened is still unknown. The communication service responsible for the regulation of the TJ domain zone, which received a notification from us about the error, has not yet resolved it.

Now you can go to the Asia Plus news portal by domain - asiaplustj.info.

Our news is also are available: Telegram https://t.me/asiaplus (in Russian), https://t.me/asiaplustj (in Tajik) and Viber https://viber.com/asia-plus. You can read the news on our Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/newstj/. Subscribe to our Zen Channel https://zen.yandex.ru/newstj and our Instagram https://www.instagram.com/asiaplustj/