Now for every kilowatt it will be necessary to pay 22.66 dirams instead of 19.37 dirams.

Starting September 1, according to the decree adopted by the government of the republic of June 22 of this year, electricity tariffs have been increased.

The cost has increased by almost 17% and now the population of Tajikistan from September 1 will pay 22.66 dirams for each kilowatt instead of the current tariff of 19.37 dirams.

Tariffs increased for all categories of consumers except the Tajik Aluminum Company.

The tariff for industrial and non-industrial consumers is now 55.14 dirams, for consumers in the public sector, utilities and sports complexes - 22.66 dirams, for water pumps and pumping stations for machine irrigation, repair and production facilities of the Agency for Land Reclamation and Irrigation - 7, 87 dirams (from April 1 to September 30) and 22.66 dirams (from October 1 to March 31), for reclamation vertical wells, reclamation pumping stations - 7.87 dirams.