Korean Ambassador to Tajikistan, Mr. Lee Woochul, has expressed gratitude to the Interior Minister of Tajikistan and Tajik tourist police officers for assistance provided to Korean cycling tourist, according to the Interior Ministry’s press center.  

Korean cycling tourist Wi Neochunhuin (phonetically spelled) reportedly sustained head injury after he fell off his bicycle in the Shamsiddin-Shohin district (Khatlon province).  

With the help of the tourist police officers the Korean cyclist was taken to a hospital in Kulob where he was operated by local doctors.  

On December 13, he was transferred from the Kulob city hospital to the “Istiqlol” hospital in Dushanbe.  

After treatment, Tajik tourist police officers together with representatives of the Korean Embassy in Dushanbe took Mr. Wi Neochunhuin to Dushanbe International Airport for sending to South Korea, the Interior Ministry’s press center said.  

To-date, Tajik tourist police have provided assistance to several foreign tourists who got in various difficult situations. 

In Tajikistan, a tourist police force was launched in 2018.  By president’s decree the tourist police unit was established at the Interior Ministry environment department.  The Tajik tourist police unit performs tasks related to providing security for tourists, protecting tourists’ interests, accompanying tourist groups, and informing travelers.

At the request of foreign tourists, tourist police officers can accompany them during their travels.

Six tourist police units operating across the country now have staff of totaling 68 inspectors.