Nearly 45,000 Tajik nationals obtained Russian citizenship last year, Fergana news agency says, citing the Russian Interior Ministry Main Migration Directorate. 

In all, nearly 498,000 foreigners reportedly obtained Russian citizenship in 2019, which is 84 percent more than in 2018.  The majority of them are citizens of Ukraine – about 300,000 people.  They are followed by nationals of Kazakhstan – 50,500 people.

Besides, 44,700 citizens of Tajikistan, 19,400 citizens of Uzbekistan, 9,300 citizens of Kyrgyzstan and 1,400 citizens of Turkmenistan became holders of Russian passports.  

Meanwhile, 234,700 foreign nationals last year obtained a temporary residence permit and 182,000 foreigners obtained a residence permit in 2019.  

Since November 1, 2019, residence permit has become unlimited in Russia.