Airports in Tajikistan have toughened control amid growing concerns over the outbreak of a new virus in China.

Thus, temperature sensors have been installed at Dushanbe International Airport and medical workers in protective suits are on duty at the airport.  Besides, the isolation capsule (a temporary isolated unit) has been prepared at the Dushanbe airport. 

“Khujand International Airport has also toughened control amid China virus outbreak,” said Mirhamuddin Kamolzoda, Deputy Minister of Health and Social protection of Tajikistan.  “Today, we are fully prepared, in accordance with international health regulations.” 

Deputy head physician of the Dushanbe infectious diseases hospital, Mr. Tourakhon Sharifzoda, says their hospital can receive up to 300 patients isolated from each other.  According to him, no cases of coronavirus have been reported in Tajikistan so far.

“Tajik students studying in China and who are currently on vacation in Tajikistan have applied to us.  We have examined them and let them go home due to lack of clinical symptoms,” Sharifzoda said.