A separate quarantine zone with tighter has been prepared for 58 Tajik students that will be evacuated from Wuhan, Samariddin Aliyev, Director  of the research Institute of Preventive Medicine, told Asia-Plus in an interview. 

According to him the quarantine zone for the students with all necessary conditions has been prepared outside Dushanbe.   .

“They will try to organize Internet so that the students could contact their relatives and friends,” Aliyev said. 

Samariddin Aliyev

Tajik authorities reportedly intend to prepare zones for totaling 4,000 seats for people arriving in the country from China.   

“To-date, four hospitals have been devoted for quarantine zones for 1000 seats.  In total, we plan to prepare quarantine zones for 4,000 seats.  Currently, 250 people are under quarantine in the Dushanbe infectious disease hospital.  Some of them have been in the hospital under quarantine for already more than eight days,” Aliyev told Asia-Plus on February 6.  

Tajik Minister of Health Nasim Olimzoda

According to the Minister of health and Social Nasim Olimzoda, 645 people, who arrived in Tajikistan from China, have been placed under quarantine in medical facilities amid coronavirus fear. 

Quarantine means physically separating a person who has been exposed, but does not have the disease.